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Regina Blitz

850 trndsters will have a chance to make cleaning quicker and easier than ever with Regina Blitz.

850 participants
Household Cleaning
14/10/2022 to 20/12/2022

Enjoy pristine clean perfection inside and out with Regina Blitz ✨

A sponge to wipe down surfaces, a microfibre cloth for polishing mirrors, a chamois for the car, a paper towel for spillages… Phew, the list of cloths we use for our everyday chores is seemingly endless, right? Well, not anymore!


If you are tired of using multiple cloths and towels and looking for a quick and easy way to clean, then this project is just for you!

Introducing Regina Blitz – the strong, super-sized and reliable multipurpose household towel 🧻

We’re not exaggerating when we say that Regina Blitz is the ultimate household cleaning essential but what makes it so special?

• It’s ideal for mopping, shining, cleaning and dusting
• It has 3-ply sheets
• The sheets are 60% larger than standard paper towels – making them perfect for cleaning surfaces
• The paper used in Regina Blitz is obtained from responsibly managed forests and produced using FSC® certified raw materials
• It also comes in a fully recyclable packaging

Head this way to make cleaning quick, easy and very effective 🧡

As members of the Regina Blitz team, we will... 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️

  1. ...try out Regina Blitz household towel in all areas of the home and garden
  2. ...take to social and let our friends and followers know Where’s YOUR Regina Blitz
  3. ...chat to friends and family about our new favourite everyday cleaning product
  4. ...give our feedback directly to the Regina Blitz team

If you love cleaning but love products that speed up your cleaning time even more then this one is for you!

Interested in taking part? 😉

Applications are closed now. The project team will be announced on 31st October.

@all: Share with us why you would like to take part in this project with Regina Blitz!


fergie1690 Verified • 1 year ago

If it stops arguments in our house about any dirty cloths left lying around after cleaning up a mess....sign me up ;)))