Our fave Regina Blitz cleaning hacks

Regina Blitz is sooo versatile and we’re absolutely loving seeing all the different ways you’re using yours. But, if you’re only using your household towels to mop up spills then you’re missing out! We thought we’d put together our four favourite Regina Blitz hacks so you can see where else you can use yours.

cleaning-hacks Thanks for the amazing shots to trndsters Miapatelandleopatel, jackkiahandbeauxtoo and CurlyCurlz 😍
  1. Remove limescale with Regina Blitz 🚿

    The bathroom is spotless but those taps still look a little dull – we’ve all been there. Try this handy tip and soak a Regina Blitz towel in vinegar before wrapping around your tap. Carry on with the rest of the chores and when you remove after 60 minutes and wipe clean, you’ll have super sparkly taps once more.

  2. Regina Blitz makes hard floors pristine 🧹

    Swept your parquet floor but still noticing pesky dust particles? Simply dampen a Regina Blitz towel and wipe over the floor – et voila – hard floor perfection. This fab method works for almost all hard floors as well as car dashboards, storage units and varnished mantelpieces.

  3. ‘Tis the season for Regina Blitz 🕯️

    If you love a candle at this time of year (don’t we all) but are less happy with wax drips, check out this handy tip! Place your Regina Blitz towel over the wax and heat with a hair dryer, the towel will absorb the wax so your home is wax free once more.

  4. The shiniest sheen with Regina Blitz ✨

    Use your favourite glass spray and wipe down tiles, windows and mirrors with Regina Blitz. Perfect streak-free shine every time.

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