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You are a truly amazing team and we love to see that you’re getting the word out there about Regina Blitz. A few of you have even let us know what your pals said so we thought we’d share…

spread-the-word Huge thank you to trndsters Miapatelandleopatel, Amorebugiardo1, Chiggy and Emla123 for these amazing shots ✨

We loved hearing what trndster ebrat's friends said about Regina Blitz:

"I invited my friends for a small dinner party and we all used Regina Blitz for cleaning afterwards. They were amazed by how durable and thick the towels are!"

And we had a big smile while reading trndster Chiggy's experience:

"Yay I’m loving this campaign and it came in perfect timing as I’ve had builders in my home all week and it’s now the massive clean up. I even had the work men try them and they agreed amazing"

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