Strong, Super-Sized, Reliable 🧻

We’re into the final week of this fab project and we’re quickly learning that Regina Blitz is no ordinary household towel! We’ve been using it around the home, in the car, even in the garden and it’s tough enough to withstand any number of chores and tasks. Now we want to know, how does Regina Blitz compare with household towels that you’ve used in the past?

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In the comments section of this blog, we’d love to hear from you about how your Regina Blitz compares. Consider the following:

• Did you like the extra strength and bigger size of Regina Blitz?
• What do you think about its performance?
• Did it give your surfaces a glossy, streak-free shine?

Let your pals know how it compares

If your friends and family swear by their ordinary household towels (or you visit a pal’s house and notice they’re using a selection of different cloths and towels for each chore), why not let them know how Regina Blitz compares? Let them know why you love your Regina Blitz household towels and how it could save them time and effort on their household chores.

And, if you’ve already encouraged pals to try Regina Blitz, get their feedback in the 'Ask you Friends' market research form too! You can share it with your bestie who wants a reliable solution for cleaning, your cousin who is consantly cleaning up after his toddlers or you colleague who always spills out her coffee in the office.

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@all: How does Regina Blitz compare to other household towels?

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