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Oral care with vVARDIS

2,100 trndsters will be joining the oral care revolution with vVARDIS, a Swiss brand.

2100 participants
Beauty & Personal Care
02/03/2022 to 21/04/2022

Project Info Page

Creating tooth enamel the way nature does is the future!

Whiten, brighten and protect your teeth with vVARDIS, the Swiss brand that wants to revolutionise your oral hygiene habits to give you new, white enamel and healthy, bright teeth... in the most effective and natural way!

Let the #vVARDISrevolution begin! Let the #vVARDISrevolution begin!

In this exciting new project, your teeth will get the love and care they deserve with this extraordinary treatment. Our team of lucky trndsters will receive:

  1. WHITE ENAMEL ANTI-AGING SERUM (Aletsch). A unique whitening treatment infused with vVARDIS technologies to nourish, protect, and strengthen your teeth. Use this intense treatment to restore new silky smooth white enamel. It's the start of your anti-aging ritual.

  2. WHITE ENAMEL ANTI-AGING TOOTHPASTE (Edelweiss). A toothpaste that imitates the natural remineralisation process to repair, strengthen and rebuild tooth enamel. Your daily anti-aging ritual.

  3. ENAMEL HIGHLIGHTER MOUTHWASH (Weissbad). A long-lasting mouthwash that makes teeth bright and glossy and breath fresh and clean. Feel young for the occasions you need!

  4. CARESSING TOOTHBRUSH (Rheinholz). Your new enamel needs to be pampered, not brutalized. This toothbrush is created from sustainably sourced Swiss beechwood and engineered to protect your new enamel, gently cleaning without irritating sensitive teeth and gums.

Feel the revolutional technology and experience smooth silky teeth like after professional cleaning!

The starter-kit also includes a discount code on vVARDIS products for your friends and family that will be shared with you during the project (because vVARDIS cares about your loved ones’ teeth too) 😍!

Your missions will be:

  • Discover the fabulous vVARDIS products
  • Share your experience with your followers on social media
  • Share the discount code with your friends and family so others can also give their teeth some love

When posting on your socials, remember to use the following hashtags: #vVARDISrevolution #MyvVardisSmile and #giftedByvVardis.

Did you publish a post, a video or a reels? Then submit your link 👉HERE.
If you publish stories, submit your screenshots 👉HERE.

Note: always try to focus on your product experience rather than the fact that you've been given the product for free. We all want to see your authentic opinion!

💡 Did you know?

By creating tooth enamel the way nature does, the brand can promise that they will, for first time ever, revert the process of tooth aging. You'll discover the first Teeth Anti-Aging Ritual to create New White Enamel and transform a daily chore into a health and beauty experience.

What are you waiting for? Let's download the Project Handbook and start the revolution!


@all: What are you excited about the most?


Behind39 Verified • 1 month ago

Well, I was really excited to hive this a try. Who doesn't want a whiter smile. I've followed the instructions and unfortunately it's not make much difference if any at all.. I didn't really like the toothbrush or toothpaste. I didn't feel that my mouth was as clean and fresh as my normal routine. I was paranoid I'd get bad breath if I didn't use my own toothbrush to complete the job! I did think the serum felt like it did something maybe made them smoother and shinier! But I wouldn't pay the price to continue this.. the serum afterall was a small amount.

thecie07 Verified • 1 month ago

Was relly excited to try this wonderful tooth paste.My teeth look very white and the tooth routine gave me a refreshed feel and my teeth look so brill;iantly white everypne who knows me is asking and I am so excited with the results.

Yashyy • 1 month ago

As a dental student I didn't get the info i needed about how the claims for the whitening gel are backed by the ingredients as a claim to whiten restorations such as crowns is unheard of. Personally there was no whitening experienced with the gel and it just seems its a high flouride gel. The toothbrush for me wasn't ergonomic and the size is too large so doesn't hit the posterior teeth - Better as a smaller size. The mouthwash was my favourite product, my breath was fresh for hours after much stronger than other mouthwashes. The toothpaste unfortunately I couldn't use more than a few times as the taste wasn't bearable, perhaps the stronger mint would have been nicer

sukubus1980 Verified • 1 month ago

I really love the toothbrush. It's a new quality for me - very gentle and caressing but at the same time cleaning effects are very good. It is a big size but I have a feeling that thanks to this cleaning is better .

Zenzen • 28 days ago

Very excited for these to try .

Bosdeak Verified • 27 days ago

I am a Dental Nurse and was excited to try something natural.
I have never suffered with sensitive teeth until I used this product, I was highly disappointed.
The products at first seemed pleasant, i found the tooth brush too soft, compared to my normal toothbrushes, the toothpaste had an unusual taste, but the mouth wash was lovely. Once the sensitivity hit, I stopped using the product immediately and swapped my toothpaste for a sensitive teeth one.

Reddrabbitt Verified • 19 days ago

Great project, great results thank you!

Hunnybunnylove Verified • 18 days ago

I was very excited to try this but unfortunately as much as I enjoyed the routine of doing it, I haven't really noticed much difference. I had such high hopes and Im gutted to have to give a review of this nature.
The products themselves was great, loved the toothpaste, enjoyed the taste of the toothpaste and the mouthwash. But unfortunately on this occasion this product didn't give me the desired affect.

kellyhathaway Verified • 18 days ago

Not received anything so can’t provide any feedback

sowa Verified • 17 days ago

I was so excited about the project. I did beautiful picture when it arrived and then I’ve found out I can’t do it because I’m pregnant. They always discourage whitening while pregnant. Well, it will have to wait for me 😓

flickas Verified • 15 days ago

I was very excited to try these products, and I have to say everything looked amazing, on first glance. Plus the fact they are more natural was a real positive for me!
However after using the products for a number of weeks I can't say my teeth look any better.
I loved the mouth wash, it really left my mouth feeling fresh. The toothpaste did have an unusual flavour, so I personally wouldn't purchase but I enjoyed trying everything out.

cbert Verified • 13 days ago

Honestly so greatful for having the opportunity to try these gorgeous products. From the packaging, the brand to the ingredients, I was extremely intrigued from the get go. They are made with such care, quality and performance. My entire mouth has felt very privileged to be so cared for.

enigmaticgirl • 12 days ago

The mouth wash was great. The toothpaste tasted nice. I enjoyed the experience. Overall.

Devania10 • 12 days ago

I have definitely noticed a difference in the colour of my teeth as I’m a smoker however I wasn’t a fan of the tooth brush needed to be a little more firmer

Mrsleach82 Verified • 12 days ago

I let my daughter test this for me and you could see a difference in the shades she loved it

Keza89 Verified • 12 days ago

I was excited to receive this product, but unfortunately life got in the way, so im finally getting round to testing it out this week.
After seeing mixed reviews it will be interesting to see my personal results

Adi71 Verified • 11 days ago

I recently tested this I was so excited to be chosen but a little disappointed with the overall outcome although my teeth did feel clean I did not notice a difference in the colour, the toothbrush was not that good but it may be because I usually use an electric one. The mild mint was a little bland too.

Barcsik.anita Verified • 11 days ago

I did some photos of the pack and did a video about what it contains and I planned to make a before and after video, but I did not see any changes so I found it better to skip it. I hope you understand. thanks for the opportunity though

KellieLouB Verified • 10 days ago

I have had a bit of bad mental health going on so have only recently been using my products - have only talked about it with around 2 people but I'm not seeing much difference so far. I have however, really liked the mouthwash and would buy that again - great flavour/scent (not sure of the right word) and made my mouth feel so fresh for ages!
Appreciated the opportunity though, thank you!

Katieann85 • 4 days ago

Was super excited to received this project. The arrival of the product looked particularly smart. Although everything looked good and don’t have anything to complain about the taste etc of the mouthwash, gel or toothpaste. I didn’t particularly see that it made a difference in whitening my teeth.
The toothbrush is softer than my usual but this wasn’t a problem. Overall looks good but didn’t seem to whiten my teeth.

Vikute Verified • 3 days ago

I was very happy to be chosen for this project and very excited to try the products...the package and presentation was very promising... although the taste off toothpaste and mountwash was great and have lasting freshness affect...unfortunately i did not see an improvement of my teeth colour. So a little disappointed, but glad i get to give it a go.

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