GLOW - A valuable lesson

A lack of proper toilets affects everyone, but especially girls, who often miss out on education because they don’t have somewhere safe and private to go to the loo at school. Thanks to our support, this is changing.

The impact of GLOW has been amazing ©WaterAid/Chileshe Chanda

At Lubunda School, girls are no longer struggling to keep up – they’re running the show! Claudia and her friends are part of the GLOW club – Girls Leading Our World.

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The club was started by Claudia’s teacher, Alice. She noticed how many girls were dropping out of school when their periods started because they lacked privacy and the means to stay clean and healthy.

Alice says:

“I want to see that every pupil in my school and every woman in the community is free from the diseases that are caused by using the wrong materials when they’re on their period. I want them to be comfortable. That’s my dream.”

Alice designed sanitary towels that the girls could make and, with generous donations from supporters, WaterAid helped her expand the project so that girls in the village are no longer held back when they have their periods.

“I have seen the change in their performance and attendance,” Alice told us. “Our school motto is ‘The seeds of today are the flowers of tomorrow.’ Of course, seeds need water to grow.

By taking part in this project, we’re helping those flowers to grow. Thank you so much, get sharing and we’ll have your next challenge waiting for you soon!

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