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Welcome to the team! This is a really special project and we’re delighted that you chose to take part, we think you’re going to love it. Over the course of the next three weeks you’ll get to know the charismatic Claudia and her friends. You’ll also get an exclusive look at the progress WaterAid are making towards a world where everyone has clean water to drink and a safe place to go the toilet – and you’ll get to be a part of making it happen.

Part of the aim of this project is to show you the life-changing effect that clean, safe water can have for the world’s poorest people. You’ll see the transformation that clean water brings through the eyes of 15-year-old Claudia, the star of this video.

Cast your mind back to being a teenager; that difficult grey area between childhood and adulthood when unfamiliar hormones gave you a new need for privacy. Now imagine going through those self-conscious days without running water or a proper toilet. That’s the reality of life for millions of teenagers across the globe.

For Claudia, the huge changes she has experienced over the last couple of years have been more than just physiological. Thanks to the generous donations of WaterAid supporters, Claudia now has something millions of teenagers don’t: clean drinking water and a decent toilet. And it’s changed her life.

“I am very happy to see piped water at our school and the toilets have a room where you can wash from.”

Throughout the course of the project you’ll learn much more about Claudia: her hopes and dreams, and how her day-to-day life has changed for the better. In the meantime, please share Claudia’s video and help her story be heard. Do remember to add **#sharesunshine so we can watch it take over social media!**

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There are many more young women like Claudia who deserve the privacy and dignity that we valued so much as teenagers – something as simple as a safe toilet and somewhere to wash can transform their lives. So let’s spread the word far and wide.

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