The progress you’re helping to make possible

In 2014/15, thanks to the generous support it received, WaterAid reached a massive 2 million people with safe water. That’s 2 million people whose lives will never be the same again.

The progress we've made together ©WaterAid/Chileshe Chanda

Take Claudia and her best friends, who feature in the ‘Sunshine on a Rainy Day’ video. They no longer have to miss school to walk to unsafe and dirty water sources. Instead, they’re concentrating on their lessons and brimming with confidence about what their futures hold.

Gracious hopes to become a pilot. She’d like to jet people to the UK, the USA and South Africa – and even though she’s never travelled by plane before, she’s sure this won’t stand in the way of a high-flying career in aviation.

Precious, tall with cropped hair, the most shy of the girls, wants to be a solider: “I love training – for soccer and running. And kung fu!”

“She likes Jackie Chan,” Jessy explained, as Gracious flashed a karate pose.

When Gracious was asked if she thought she was stronger than the boys – “of course” was the instant reply.

By helping to share the video of Claudia’s Story, we’re helping to inspire others to get involved and support. That’s a big deal. It means more children can enjoy being children.

If you haven’t already, show everyone that you’re helping turn dreams in to realities.

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Safe water and toilets transform lives and futures. They are human rights that should be available to everybody, and yet 1 in 10 people still live without clean water and 1 in 3 without a safe toilet.

Let’s get sharing and be part of changing this statistic for the better.

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