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Today, Claudia’s home, Lubunda, is a happy, thriving village. Things haven’t always been this way. We spoke to Claudia about what life was like before WaterAid worked with local partners to bring clean water to her community.

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“It was so difficult because it was a long distance to where we were fetching water. We used to collect water before school. We were coming late because of water. We didn’t have enough to bathe, so it was very difficult...

Now they have brought taps, we’re able to do more of what we want to do. It makes me feel better.”

Like most of her friends, Claudia was responsible for collecting the water for her family. You can understand why something as simple as a tap means so much to her when you hear that before the water point was installed, she collected water every day from a squalid stone pit. The pit was buried in such deep bush that it was a scary place for a young girl to go alone. What little water she could find there was covered with scum and dead insects. It was this water that she, her friends and her family drank.

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Life is very different for Claudia today. Now she no longer has to miss or turn up late to school, she’s working hard and has big dreams for her future. She wants to go to college and become the first nurse in her family. That simply wouldn’t be possible without supporters like you.

Around the world, it’s usually women and girls who carry the burden of collecting water. Together, we can change this and enable more young women like Claudia to fulfil their dreams and have the futures they deserve. So please take a moment right now to urge your friends to share Claudia’s video, every share matters.

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