Your turn to shine

It’s that time of year; the nights are getting longer and the days wetter. Summer seems a distant memory, which is all the more reason to spread some sunshine of our own.

Create your own version and share it around!

You’ve heard Claudia’s song and you’ve learnt about the difference that clean water makes. Claudia and her best friends in the video have a zest for life and a bold vision of their future – nowhere does this shine through more than when they sing. Whether you share their passion, or usually confine your singing to the shower, get involved by creating your own version of ‘Sunshine on a Rainy Day’.

Create your video NOW!

The idea is this: simply set up your phone or camera, and sing your own version of Claudia’s song, Sunshine on a Rainy Day. It doesn’t have to be ‘X-Factor’ worthy; we just want your take on a classic song for a very good cause. Once you’ve filmed it remember to:

  • share it on social media with **#sharesunshine**
  • add this link which will take people to WaterAids donation page
  • tag your friends and family and encourage them to do the same!

If you’re a little shy, then why not get a pal to sing it with you, play it on the spoons or ask your children to sing it instead? There are all sorts of ways that you can get involved. The important part is that you’re sharing Claudia’s story and highlighting the transformation that clean water brings.

By sharing, we’re helping to spread the word, building an army of supporters driving forward towards the day when everyone everywhere has clean water to drink and a safe place to go to the toilet.

WaterAid Registration numbers: England and Wales 288701, Scotland SC039479. 47-49 Durham Street, London, SE11 5JD.