It's our final week together

Our activity as Safety Squad members has brought Child Safety tips into households all across Ireland and unfortunately we only have a few more day together. We added an extra week to have more time sharing with others and feeding back to the team at Fairy Non Bio via the various project tools. Here is a look at some of the online activity that came from our extra week:

  • Huss

    trndster Huss

  • Lintface

    trndster Lintface

The final survey will go live on Thursday 14.03.19. Until then, let's make sure that the team at Fairy Non Bio has heard from us and that they know why it's so great to work with parents and carers of young children when spreading the Child Safety at Home message.

Have you shared online? 💻

Upload your URLs via the online report tool so that Fairy Non Bio can see where the safety message has been spread.

Have you shared with fellow parents and carers of your children? 🙋

Make sure you give them a research card so they can give their feedback and share their experience directly with the team at Fairy Non Bio.

Have you enjoyed the project blogs? 📜

Be an interactive team member by commenting on your favourite educational blogs.

Have you had fun welcoming the project into your home?🏯

Send us photos of you enjoying the project using the photo upload tool.

Make sure you use these last days to their fullest! Carpe Diem! And remember to write to us if you have any questions about how to use the project tools and how to be an interactive team members.

@all: Would you like to take part in more projects like this in the future?