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Child Safety at Home

Welcome to our new Child Safety at Home project with Fairy Non Bio - it's all about keeping our kids safe at home.

990 participants
Household Cleaning
07/01/2019 to 29/03/2019

Child Safety at Home Experience

Over the course of four weeks a team of 990 parents and carers of young child from the Republic of Ireland tried Fairy Non Bio 3-in-1 Pods with new child lock safety pack. They learnt all about how to safely store laundry detergents and many other child safety at home tips. Check out their experiences here!


of participants would recommend Fairy Non Bio 3-in-1 Pods to other parents.


of participants agree that the new Fairy Non Bio 3-in-1 Pods pack with child-lock system is easy for parents to master but very difficult for little hands to unlock.

Child Safety at Home Procter & Gamble Fairy
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    Quotes from the project team


    Hi everyone, I received my starter pack this week and I was very excited. I think the child lock is brilliant. I have shared the samples with my parents and my sisters. I am very happy to be apart of the #FairyNonBio #ChildSafetyAtHome #ParentSquad. I have stored my capsules in a press over head height.


    I have two children 12 months apart. My youngest, my son is non verbal and is 3. He is constantly getting into things he should, I have now introduced a specific shelf up high for all my detergents and washing stuff with the help of your guidelines.. it's a great weight off me knowing 100% they are out of his reach as he would never be able to tell me what he swallowed if it ever came to it..


    I have 2 children under 3 and also work in childcare,I see everyday how children are curious and love exploring their environment whether that be by tasting,feeling,climbing it, so think this campaign is so important that parents are aware of potential dangers as you can never be to informed,also helps that you get a good product that you can use on the continuous washing 😉


    Recently got the new packaging pods and the locking mechanism is a fantastic idea when you have kids at home. More brands should put focus on child safety and more parents should pay more attention to the way they childproof their home in the everyday running of it. Thumbs up for the idea and the project!

    Fairy Non Bio 3-in-1 Pods with Child-Lock Pack - Product info:

    The greatest feature of this product is it's child-lock pack. Check it out:

    Child lock pack

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