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Child Safety at Home

Welcome to our new Child Safety at Home project with Fairy Non Bio - it's all about keeping our kids safe at home.

990 participants
Household Cleaning
07/01/2019 to 29/03/2019

A Guide to Child Safety in the Republic of Ireland

1,000 trndsters from the Republic of Ireland will learn from a practical guide to child safety and try out Fairy Non Bio Pods with its new child lock system.

Fairy Non Bio want to give us the amazing gift of education about child safety in our homes - in particular, about our usage and storage of laundry detergent - and we will receive a full pack of Fairy Non Bio Pods to try out while we learn to keep our kids safe.

85% of us parents agree that the safety of our children is our #1 priority - but, many of us don't realise just how many hazards there are in our home until our little ones come along. That's why this project is so important for those of us with young children in our lives.

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In your Starter Kit

For you to try out:

  • 1 x Practical Guide to Child Safety at Home
  • 1 x Starter Kit newsletter
  • 1 x Full-size pack of Fairy Non Bio Pods
  • Check-list chart

To pass onto others:

  • Notepads with safety tips
  • Safety stickers
  • 10 x Research cards
  • 20 x Sample packs of Fairy Non Bio Pods - share these with fellow parents as you spread the message about child safety at home and make sure they will use the product immediately after opening, and keep them out of reach of children

In this trnd project we will:

  • Learn about child safety in our homes
  • Test Fairy Non Bio Pods and their new child lock system
  • Share our samples and all our new safety knowledge with parents and carers of young children
  • Feedback our experiences - in online surveys and research cards - to the Fairy Non Bio team

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