Keeping kids safe as they grow

What can be more exciting than baby’s first crawl, first steps or first words? These milestones make memories that parents treasure and show us our little ones are developing rapidly. But underneath our pride, is a sense of worry.

Children are born explorers who learn by touching and putting things in their mouths, but this natural curiosity means accidents can and unfortunately do happen in seconds. Once babies are on the move, we know it’s time to seriously consider home safety to ensure their growing curiosity and agility does not lead to injuries.

Nearly all parents agree that safety of their children is their top priority, but over half wish they had more information on safety by children’s age and development (55%)*.

*Consumer data collected via survey of over 2,000 parents across Europe commissioned by P&G Fabric Care in May 2018

The age-specific referral guide for your little one.

age-specific referral guide to keep your little one safe The team at Fairy Non Bio have worked with Safe Kids Worldwide to create a quick age-specific referral guide to keep your little one safe, whatever their age. Once downloaded, you can easily share it with fellow parents and carers of young children.

Let your pals know.

Your starter kits are almost with you but while you wait why not take to social media and let your pals know that you’re taking part in this project?

Share a pic of your little explorer doing something new (sitting up, taking their first steps, eating solids) and share one of the quick tips from the referral guide as it relates to your little one’s age group.

Remember to use the hashtags #ChildSafetyAtHome and #FairyNonBio and to submit a link to your shared post through the Online report tool in the Home area of our website so that we can see your posts.

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@all: What new things has your little one learnt lately? Have you spotted any risk that your kid can get to in 5 seconds?