Additional week for us, additional safety for children

This has been one of the most positive and educational projects we've ever had on trnd. Just look below to see a handful of the sons & daughter, granddaughters & grandsons, brothers & sisters who are benifiting from our project.

  • JOllie

    trndster JOllie

  • Danielleb106

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  • LouiseNassor

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Because of the hugely positive response, we are extending the project one more week so that those who haven't shared yet get the opportunity to do so, and so that everyone can let us know where they've shared. Here's another recap on some ways we can share.

Learning something new 🎓

Take a pic of your little one learning something new and post it online with a message about keeping kids safe as they grow and change

Store it high 🔭

Take pics and videos of you storing your Fairy Non Bio pack up high and out of reach of little ones

Family matters 👪

Take pics of your little one visiting their favourite relative whom you've shared some safety tips with.

Share with us

If you post online, let us know by sharing the URL with us via the online report tool.

Send us your URL

Also, remember to hand out research cards so that your friends can give their feedback directly to the team at Fairy Non Bio.

@all: What do you plan to do with your extra week?