Our amazing Safety Squad

The team at Fairy Non Bio are loving hearing about the positive experiences our wonderful team are having, and seeing all the different ways people are sharing.

As many of you have expressed, the message we are sharing is very important and is having an amazing impact on households all over Ireland. We owe ourselves a daily pat on the back!

Let's take a look at some of the ways people have been sharing the child safety message:

Great snaps

trndster Iryna. sanzhara gave us proof that our little explorers can get into any cupboard in this Instagram pic and safety message. trndster Iryna.sanzhara

Cool vids

trnster Chrissyb55 showed us where to store laundry detergent (out of reach of little ones) in this Instagram video. trndster Chrissyb55

Fun catch-ups

In her comment, trndster moneypenny has told us about the people she shared samples with and the child safety conversations that these catch-ups inspired.

"I have shared with family and friends and explained my participation in the project but I have also shared with my baby massage group. We meet regularly for coffee and play dates. We had a very interesting conversation regarding laundry practices and storage of pods. I think everyone learned a thing or two and left with a new perspective. We all want to make our children safer within our homes."
trndster moneypeny

Keep up the great work!

Whilst we continue to share, remember that the opinions of those you share samples with is very important to the team at Fairy Non Bio. So hand them research cards and encourage them to fill out the short online survey.

@all: Do you have a favourite project memory so far?