Safe storage of detergents

To parents and child carers, household cleaning products are an essential part of life (we hate to think how long it would take to clean the house without them!). Fairy Non Bio’s latest innovation are the 3in1 PODS: these compact, easy-to-use laundry capsules will leave your laundry wonderfully clean and huggably soft. But, like many household products, liquid laundry capsules can be dangerous in the hands of children.

That’s why Fairy Non Bio Pods have a special Child-Lock packaging that is difficult for the little ones to open and should be closed with a click to keep little explorers out.

The importance of a safe storage of detergents.

Did you know that 1 in 5 parents store liquid laundry capsules within reach of children (under the kitchen sink being the most likely place), not realizing the danger?

Liquid laundry capsules contain highly concentrated detergent, which should be used only for the purpose of cleaning clothes. Because they are concentrated, they can be harmful if ingested or if their content come into contact with skin. It is important that liquid laundry capsules are used properly and stored safely.

Take a look at our quick and handy tips for laundry detergent storage:


Keep pods in their original container and keep the container closed – click-close the Fairy Non Bio pack to keep little fingers out


Keep liquid laundry capsules out of children’s reach and sight - a high shelf or a locked cupboard would be excellent.

Safe storage of detergents

Store your Fairy Non Bio pack and samples safely.

Your kit is on its way and should be with you any day now so as soon as you receive it, put your newfound knowledge into practice right away. Store your kit (and all samples) on a high up shelf and away from curious little ones.

Take a pic, or better still a video, and include a caption letting parents know to close with a click and keep out of reach of kids. Share it with other parents over social media and share the link to your posting with us:

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@all: Are you already using liquid laundry capsules? Is your detergent pack always closed and out of reach of children?