Want to be included in the #LaundryDreamTeam Wall of fame?

Congratulations on being selected for the #LaundryDreamTeam Project.

Feels amazing, right? You have some awesome products to test and some even more awesome content to create and share around them!

Which is even more amazing! But what if we told you there’s more benefit that you could derive from the project?

Presenting the #LaundryDreamTeam Wall of fame!

A simple page where certain amazing posts around the #LaundryDreamTeam are selected and the creators featured for everyone to follow!

So what does that mean? Quite simply, more impressions for you and potentially a lot more followers!

So it’s time to take your creative juices up a notch and create something magical, that gives you the chance to be seen, even more.

Take me to the Wall of Fame

Here's how you can be featured:

  1. Make sure you use #LaundryDreamTeam and #Ad, and tag @TrndUk in your posts!

  2. Then make sure you report all your activity on the Online Report Tool!

Submit your URLs here!

Happy creating!