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Teams of trndsters will have a chance to be part of our #LaundryDreamTeam project.

300 participants
Household Cleaning
02/07/2020 to 17/08/2020

Discover the Dream Team for your laundry!

Keeping things fresh, hygienic and clean is important to us, now more than ever. And while some people find doing the laundry a chore, the rest of us think it’s the perfect time to show ourselves and our family a little bit of love.

Discover the Dream Team for your laundry!

When it comes to doing your laundry, what truly matters most to you? Is it finding a combination of laundry products with super soft results for your family’s sensitive skin? Is it getting deep hygienic clean and non-stop freshness with for your clothes? Is it attaining a divine fragrance that stays with you all day long? Whatever it is, you might just be the perfect person to join one of our three exclusive laundry dream teams:

  • The Lavender Dream Team
  • The Sensitive Skin Dream Team
  • Pod for a deep hygienic clean

If you’re interested, then submit your application now for our new #LaundryDreamTeam project, and you’ll be sorted into one of the fab teams to receive everything you need for your personalised dream wash.

In this trnd project we will:

  • Receive a fabulous #LaundryDreamTeam Starter Kit containing all you need for your dream wash (absolutely free!)
  • Get social by sharing selfies, videos and Boomerangs of your #LaundryDreamTeam progress
  • Post updates online to help your friends and followers discover their very own #LaundryDreamTeam combination
  • Provide Feedback to the Brand via a simple online survey

Application status

The opportunity to apply is closed, as the project has already started.


FreeloBunny Verified • 3 years ago

You know your getting old to some extent when you get excited over trying laundry products! :D

Fingers crossed.. :)

Snowy15 • 3 years ago

Would love to be considered for the laundry product I was every other day and my washing has to be right I do chefs white tops so have to be cleN

mariola_izabella76 Verified • 3 years ago

Would be great to get the chance to try this combo's 😁

Je11ybean Verified • 3 years ago

Anyone heard anything yet?

Raffaela Verified • 3 years ago

Just received the lovely box 💕

HarryShaw1103 • 3 years ago

Hi Raffaela,

Congratulations! 🎉

We look forward to seeing you share your experiences around the #LaundryDreamTeam!

Team trnd.

Sunshine49 Verified • 3 years ago

Good luck every one happy washing

RutaCh2014 Verified • 3 years ago

I just received lavender dream team box 🥰 totally unexpected 😍

Mamajj Verified • 3 years ago

Just recieved some surprise happy post 😁 cant wait to put the lavender dream team to the test 💖💖

Bowes1987 Verified • 3 years ago

Really hope I get picked for this one

Ninja82 Verified • 3 years ago

Just recived my lavender set 💕😍 amazing

EllaDee Verified • 3 years ago

I did not get anything yet, so I guess I was not chosen. Happy washing everyone 😍

Shazzababbs Verified • 3 years ago

looks like people have already been accepted seen people with their packs already on my instagram 🙄 yet again the same people being chosen for trials over and over again, one particular person has been chosen for the last 3 trials in a row, funny that when some of us dont get chosen at all!

HOLLIETOYNEBEE-SMITH Verified • 3 years ago

My box just arrived out of the blue super excited! Pregnant with twins, 3 kids, two adults and three pets we will definatley give this a good trial!! 😍

mummajhome Verified • 3 years ago

My Lavender Dream team just arrived 👏🏼Hadn’t received an email, so didn’t know I’d been selected!!! It was a lovely surprise x

HarryShaw1103 • 3 years ago

Hi mummajhome!

Congratulations! We look forward to seeing you share your experiences in the days to come! #LaundryDreamTeam

Team trnd

mary456 Verified • 3 years ago

I wish i get picked fingers crossed xxx

Mfl276 Verified • 3 years ago

Woohoo !!! Received a surprise Hermes delivery this morning.Wasn't expecting anything as i didn't received any confirmation email from trnd.
But what's a perfect way to start this week though.
Now let's the trial begins and get our laundry done with this perfect Lavender Dream Team trio set which are smelling so amazingly.
Thank you very much trnd & Procter and Gamble ❤❤❤

mandzs83 Verified • 3 years ago

Fingers crossed for everyone xx