We spy with our eyes, the #LaundryDreamTeam in action!

We’re overwhelmed by all the love we’ve been receiving from you, the members of the #LaundryDreamTeam, the last few days! Let’s just say, it’s been Scent-sational!

Jemma, along with everyone at the Lenor & Bold team are ecstatic with the responses we’ve seen till now!

We spy with our eyes, the #LaundryDreamTeam in action! A big thank you to @just_a_mum_changing_her_future, @livingatthecrescent and @moresbyhousetohome for the lovely snaps, as shown here!

Need some more ideas?

Don’t worry, we’re here to help you show the #LaundryDreamTeam to your friends in all its glory!

  1. A before and after?

    Show your followers the difference you felt in your attire after using the #LaundryDreamTeam!

  2. Show your friends the everlasting fragrance!

    We sure can’t smell through social media, but we definitely can see your reaction to the smell left by the Scent-sational Lavender #LaundryDreamTeam!

  3. Easy to use? Show it with a video!

    Show all your friends how easy it is to incorporate the dream team into your daily routine with a video of you doing the laundry with the Dream team!

  4. Make the background stand out!

    Create the perfect background for the trio or add some decorative elements to your flat lay (maybe get some lavender or chamomile?)

  5. Get your creativity going!

    Or just show the team in their natural habitat - amongst your favourite clothes, on your freshly washed bedsheets, or on the running washing machine - go creative!

  6. Don't forget the caption!

    Make sure you mention why you love the Lavender Dream Team in the caption of your post!

P.S - don’t forget to use the hashtags #LaundryDreamTeam and #Ad, and make sure you tag @trnduk!

Once you’re done, submit your URL links with the online report tool and record your contribution to the project!

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@all: What did you love about your #laundrydreamteam till now? Comment and let us know!