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Thank you from IAMS!

We loved every moment of being in this project with you and helping us spread the... Naturally way! Let's go for the big finish!

Thank you for participating in our IAMS Naturally project Our experiences from testing IAMS Naturally for the past few weeks turn us into Naturally experts - the brand are all ears and look forward to reading your final opinions:

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Thank you for a great project and showing to brands what we can do for them when they join forces with real people like us!

You can still upload newly collected "Spread the word" sheets with your friends' impressions and more photos from your experiences with IAMS Naturally. The tools are in our disposal for a nother two weeks so submit as many Naturally opinions and moments as possible!

@all: Thank you so much! What was your highlight from our Naturally project?


Our canines can go Naturally too!

Yes it's true, the past few weeks have been all about our purring pals and it seems that our canines noticed this and felt slightly left out!

Special thanks to trndsters Sammyloud80 & ickel for sharing the photos of their dogs with us! Special thanks to trndsters Sammyloud80 & ickel for sharing the photos of their dogs with us!

We didn't forget about our pooches at all! Thankfully, the coupons in our kits can be used to get dog food from IAMS Naturally, so your pooch can experience the benefits of natural eating too!

trndster shGr already talked to fellow dog parents and mentioned on the blog:

Not just the cat family people but some have taken vouchers for the Iams dog food. So pleased... the recipients were impressed that it is such good quality food.

@all: Did you have a chance to talk to fellow canine parents about IAMS Naturally?


Our feline pals are... Naturally su-purr-stars!

We love them with all, quirks and all! Let's celebrate our feline pals and spread the love they bring in our lives!

Respond to the IAMS Naturally questionnaire and share it online!

Post on Social Media the answers to the above questions (and maybe your fave selfie with your cat) and spread the #IAMSnaturally questionnaire.

Invite your friends to share their answers too, we want to trend our feline stars! Make sure to use the hashtag #IAMSnaturally and also tag the IAMS team with @iams_uk1.

We can't wait to receive the links from your online activity via the online reports tool.

@all: If you had to choose one word to describe your cat, which would that word be?


Submit our ... Naturally opinions!

When it comes to IAMS Naturally, we've become a team of experts and our cats can p(ur)rove it ! :)

Share our thoughts about IAMS Naturally via reviews Let's let other cat parents discover IAMS Naturally through our experiences. IAMS would love us to write a review on their website. Here's what some trndsters already said about IAMS Naturally:

trndster cloecaburton wrote:

My cat fell in love with these. After reading the guide that came with the biscuits I did not realise how much a cat needs. My cat didn't give a second though to eating them his head was in the bag. My family and friends tried them with their cats and the reactions where all the same. I notices that my cats fur had gone shiny and a lot thicker making him look really healthy. overall my self, others, and the cat are very happy with these :)

trndster FlippinMental shared:

My cat Cookie is full of beans! It's lovely to see! He's so happy on the IAMS Naturally food that as soon as I grab the bag he is there rubbing his head on the corner of the bag. Weaning him onto the food was so easy which made testing this product a really smooth experience. I am satisfied that my cat is now getting the nutrients he needs!

Submit your review now!

We can't wait to receive the links from your online activity via the online reports.

@all: How many meows are given in your fur-ball's review?


Spreading the word online

Our experiences - along with our gorgeous cats - can help more people discover IAMS Naturally, so let's keep sharing them online.

We spread the news online anbout IAMS Naturally using the #IAMSnaturally & also tagging the IAMS team with @iams_uk1 Speacial thanks to trndsters MrsMEC, michaela74, Corsaucan & dorasprok for already sending in amazing reports!

Many trndsters have already shared their thoughts on blogs, review sites and also via public posts on Social Media, using the hashtag #IAMSnaturally and even tagging the IAMS team with @iams_uk1!

Our impressions will definitely help others who are interested in IAMS Naturally learn about it too, so let's continue to spread our newly found knowledge and expertise. Make sure to feed all activity back at IAMS:

Submit the links from your online activity

Our online reports along with our insights and feedback in two online surveys will surely make our project a complete success!

@all: Have you started your online posts and reviews yet?