Introducing Creative-Tonies

Creative-Tonies look just like regular Tonies, they’re robust, hand-painted figurines that are perfect for little hands but, great news, the fun doesn’t stop there! Creative-Tonies come with 90 minutes of space for you to upload or record your own unique content.

Introducing Creative-Tonies

Favourite stories and songs

Do you already have lots of great content that your child loves listening to? Maybe they have a favourite podcast or set of nursery rhymes? Perfect, all you need to do is head to and upload your audio files using the Tonie-Cloud.

Get creative

Fancy getting creative and recording your own stories, jokes or lullabies? All you have to do is download the Tonies-App from the Google Play or App store and record your very own story following the instructions on the app.

Maybe your child would love to hear a beloved grandparent reading to them from their very favourite storybook? Or, perhaps mum or dad are working away and want to leave a simple goodnight message? Both are super easy to do using the Tonies-App and your child will adore them.

@all: Would you make up your own story for your Creative-Tonies?