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Audio playtime with tonies

Welcome to our new project with the new Toniebox, a unique, interactive listening system that’s so simple to use, it’s child play.

600 participants
Leisure Time
08/03/2019 to 09/05/2019

Opinions, experiences and evaluations on the Audio playtime with tonies

600 families with small children of pre-school age have tried out the Toniebox and Tonies for their market launch in England in this trnd project. Here are their final opinions and impressions.


would recommend the Toniebox and Tonies to their friends.

Audio playtime with tonies Boxine Tonies ">

Product impression of the Toniebox

4.4 (461 Ratings)

Audio playtime with tonies Boxine Tonies ">

Product impression of the Tonies

4.4 (461 Ratings)

Impressions of the project participants.

Opinions, experiences and evaluations on the Audio playtime with tonies

Opinions of the project participants.


Two of the people I showed our Toniebox to went straight out and purchased one for themselves. My little boy absolutely loves his and it’s so nice to see him interacting with a product that is without a screen. We can take it anywhere and he really loves the little characters, taking them to bed and placing them under his pillow each night. What a fantastic opportunity we had with trnd and Toniebox. Loved every moment of this project and so pleased with the fantastic product.


I had never heard of tonies before this project. Honestly it is such a good way to get kids away from videos on phones and tablets. I truly think tonies has lots of potential to grow. I loved it. I don't think a lot of people know that you can upload your own stories (record your voice and upload on it!) so you don't have to keep buying figurines.


Thanks for giving us the opportunity to be a part of such an awesome project. We will surely continue to use the Toniebox as it has become an integral part of our lives in such a short span of time. We would definitely recommend it to other parents.


Absolutely love this new device. It has become part of our daily routine whilst winding down before bed, the songs are great to relax the little one and the stories carry his imagination further than visual books. He gasps and laughs and reacts to the audible books. Yet to use the creative Tonie to its maximum yet but we will be looking into this a little more now we know we can add audible files. Amazing product to test and my little one gives it the big thumbs up!!

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Us grownups have our smart phones to listen to music, audiobooks and podcasts but what is there for our little ones? CDs get scratched easily, MP3 players have complicated controls and cassettes, well, we’re not completely sure they still exist! Most children are fascinated by grownups' tablets but do we really want them to spend all that time glued to bright screens? Probably not. That’s where Tonieboxes comes in.

These child-friendly, colourful cubes off er endless interactive fun (without bright screens or pesky controls) and are so soft to touch and simple to use, they’re perfect for little listeners. All the child has to do is pick their favourite Tonie and let the fun begin! And go on and on… Because the Toniebox has space for the content of 500 Tonies.

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