What is your favourite MusicCast feature?

There is a lot of love about the Yamaha Music Cast devices, but what is your absolute favourite feature? We want to know!

Our favourite feature of Yamaha MusicCast. Audio quality, design or operation via App - what do you like best about Yamaha MusicCast YAS-306 and WX-010?

trndster Chell33 for example, share with us on the blog:

Loving the soundbar, just enjoyed Home Alone the movie using the Yamaha soundbar, brilliant sound quality!

Submit your vote and help other interested trndsters discover what makes the Yamaha MusicCast devices so special:

Favourite feature

What is your favourite feature of the Yamaha MusicCast devices?

Operation via MusicCast App

6 votes, 16%

Networking possibilities / compatibility

4 votes, 11%

Audio quality

18 votes, 49%


3 votes, 8%

Multi-room system

5 votes, 14%

Stereo mode

1 vote, 3%

Other (leave a comment)

0 votes, 0%

@all: We wish you a happy New Year's Eve with Yamaha MusicCast and all the best for 2018! :tada: :notes: