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Our MusicCast hightlights

We've come to the end of our project with the Yamaha MusicCast YAS-306 Soundbar and the WX-010 network speaker. After 3 weeks of wireless music blasting, we share our final thoughts on these exciting devices.

Andreas and his team over at Yamaha would like to thank you all for this experience! Thank you for participating in the Yamaha MusicCast project

Have you shared yout final thoughts yet? Make sure you don't miss this chance to send your opinions directly to Yamaha:

Click here to take the Final Survey

Read the instructions carefully, you need to decide and let us know whether you want to keep the Soundbar or send it back. We will be in touch via email for the next steps.

Thank you all again for helping make this project a success, we can't wait for your final thoughts.

@all: What is your personal favourite moment from our project with the Yamaha MusicCast devices?


How we share our MusicCast expertise online

Happy New Year, we hope you had a great time! With both devices in our homes over the holidays we didn't just have a blast, we became MusicCast experts!

We share our MusicCast expertise online Let's share our newly found knowledge online via detailed reports on Amazon and other hi-fi forums, as well as our personal posts on our social media with the hashtag #YamahaMusicCast.

Helpful info in your posts and reviews can be:
  • How satisfied are you with the Yamaha MusicCast YAS-306 and the WX-010?
  • What's the audio quality like?
  • What do you think of the design?
  • How would you rate the setup and installation process?
  • What is your impression of the MusicCast app?

We can't wait to receive the links from your online activity via the online reports.

@all: Where on your social media did your Yamaha MusicCast devices already make an appearance?


What is your favourite MusicCast feature?

There is a lot of love about the Yamaha Music Cast devices, but what is your absolute favourite feature? We want to know!

Our favourite feature of Yamaha MusicCast. Audio quality, design or operation via App - what do you like best about Yamaha MusicCast YAS-306 and WX-010?

trndster Chell33 for example, share with us on the blog:

Loving the soundbar, just enjoyed Home Alone the movie using the Yamaha soundbar, brilliant sound quality!

Submit your vote and help other interested trndsters discover what makes the Yamaha MusicCast devices so special:

Favourite feature

What is your favourite feature of the Yamaha MusicCast devices?

Operation via MusicCast App

6 votes, 16%

Networking possibilities / compatibility

4 votes, 11%

Audio quality

18 votes, 49%


3 votes, 8%

Multi-room system

5 votes, 14%

Stereo mode

1 vote, 3%

Other (leave a comment)

0 votes, 0%

@all: We wish you a happy New Year's Eve with Yamaha MusicCast and all the best for 2018! :tada: :notes:


Your Yamaha MusicCast photos

We hope you had a lovely time over Christmas and showed off your Yamaha MusicCast devices to those who celebrated with you!

trndster risika28 trndster risika28 submitted her selfie with the MusicCast speaker and soundbar! Thank you very much for sharing!

Andreas and his team over at Yamaha would love to see photos of all 50 of us enjoying our MusicCast devices!

So, it would be great if each and every one of us shared our pics of the MusicCast in action, whether a Christmas singalong, dancing around the tree or even that classic Christmas film on tv, we want to see your favourite festive moments!

Upload your MusicCast snaps, here!

Remember to keep an eye on your dashboard throughout the project, everything you’ll need can be found there!

@all: What was the first reaction of your those who spend the holidays with you, when you showed them your MusicCast devices?


Time to spread the word online!

The Yamaha MusicCast speakers arrived to us a little over a week ago now, so we hope as you start to enjoy your favourite songs, movies and series at just a touch of a button, you’ve also started becoming real MusicCast experts as well!

Many trndsters have already shared their thoughts on blogs, review sites and also with their friends on Social Media using the hashtag #YamahaMusicCast!

#YamahaMusicCast - We are spreading the word on Social Media and online

Let's continue to spread our newly found knowledge and expertise online and share valuable info about the Yamaha MusicCast devices. After all, by sharing what we think, we’ll be helping others who might be interested in the product learn about it too.

Our online reports along with our insights and feedback in two online surveys will surely make our project a complete success!

@all: Have you started your reviews yet? Let us know what you thought!