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Let´s get this Yamaha Party started!

The starter kits are on the way. Let's download the "Yamaha MusicCast" app from Apple's AppStore or Google Play Store and explore the functions in the free demo.

We download the Yamaha MusicCast app Ready for the first soundcheck?
Make sure your smartphone or tablet is connected on your home's wifi and:

  • In the room overview, tap the settings button (cog) on the top right corner, then "Add new device" and press the "Connect" button on the YAS-306 or WX-010 for 5 seconds.

  • Enter your wifi password in the MusicCast app when asked. Now choose a room name and the image of your preference for the YAS-306 or the WX-010.

Don't forget to take many photos while unpacking and share with us your first contact with the Yamaha MusicCast devices via the photo uploader.

@all: Children, partner, colleagues or friends: Who gets the chance to unpack, discover and connect the Yamaha MusicCast devices with you?


Meet Andreas, our contact at Yamaha.

Dear trndsters,
I am looking forward to our exciting new project with the trnd community and welcome you on behalf of the entire Yamaha MusicCast team.

My name is Andreas and I would like to introduce you to the YAS-306 Soundbar along with the MusicCast WX-010 compact network loudspeakers. This project with Yamaha will be "music to the ears" for all the streaming and music fans out there.

Meet Andreas, our contact at Yamaha.

The front surround system, in combination with the practical network loudspeaker, ensures wireless music pleasure. When connected to the MusicCast app, we can play our favorite songs from a smartphone or tablet, being able to link multiple devices.

In the coming weeks you will get to know the network operationg loudspeakers and you will be able to experience their sound quality for yourself. I am looking forward to reading your online reviews and getting your opinion! Along with the trnd team, we are here to support you and answer any questions you might have, please do not hesitate to contact us.

I wish you a lot of fun in the trnd project with Yamaha MusicCast.

On behalf of Yamaha Team,


Our new trnd project with Yamaha MusicCast loudspeakers.

We will have you "all ears" about our new trnd project: With the two different Yamaha loudspeakers we will experience the wireless sound experience in our home.

The soundbar generates digital surround sound for an enjoyable film and series watching experience. Yamaha's compact network speaker plays your favorite music wherever you want to play it - via WiFi, Bluetooth or AirPlay. Both loudspeakers can be controlled centrally from your smartphone via the associated MusicCast app.

We're looking for 50 trndsters to take part in this fab new project.

Throughout the project we will enjoy our music and TV through both the MusicCast and the Streming Soundbar network spreakers, we share wour opinions directly with the Yamaha team! Of course we will share our experiences with friends on social media and via reviews.

Read more here!

Apply now.
Read all details in the project guide (1.21 MB) and find out if this is the right project for you.

Sounds good? Then submit your personal application for the project by Monday, 11.12.17, at 10 am.


The application phase has already ended. All the trndsters who submitted their personal application will be informed via email about the outcome.

Get ready for an exciting project!

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