Your Yamaha MusicCast photos

We hope you had a lovely time over Christmas and showed off your Yamaha MusicCast devices to those who celebrated with you!

trndster risika28 trndster risika28 submitted her selfie with the MusicCast speaker and soundbar! Thank you very much for sharing!

Andreas and his team over at Yamaha would love to see photos of all 50 of us enjoying our MusicCast devices!

So, it would be great if each and every one of us shared our pics of the MusicCast in action, whether a Christmas singalong, dancing around the tree or even that classic Christmas film on tv, we want to see your favourite festive moments!

Upload your MusicCast snaps, here!

Remember to keep an eye on your dashboard throughout the project, everything you’ll need can be found there!

@all: What was the first reaction of your those who spend the holidays with you, when you showed them your MusicCast devices?