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Yamaha MusicCast YAS-306 and WX-010

Welcome to our new project with the wireless network speakers by Yamaha.

49 participants
29/11/2017 to 18/01/2018

FAQ - helpful information about the Yamaha MusicCast YAS-306 and WX-010.

Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the Soundbar YAS-306 and the network loudspeaker WX-010, the MusicCast loudspeakers from Yamaha for wireless streaming and music enjoyment.

General information on the Yamaha MusicCast YAS-306 and WX-0101

How do I connect my MusicCast YAS-306 and WX-010 for the first time?

To operate your speakers you need the free MusicCast CONTROLLER App.

  1. Connect your tablet or smartphone to your home WLAN.
  2. Download the "Yamaha MusicCast" app from the Apple AppStore or Google Play Store.
  3. Open the app. Now you can explore the functions of the app in the demo.
  4. When you are ready, tap on the cogwheel to enter the settings and select "Add de-vice".
  5. Follow the instructions of the MusicCast App. The name of the place stands for what your MusicCast system should be called.
  6. Finally choose a room name and a suitable picture for the respective speakers or take a photo of your room yourself.
  7. Done! Now you can play music on the YAS-306 and WX-010.

If you have already connected a MusicCast-enabled device to the network and want to connect another one, just tap on the cogwheel to go to the "Settings" and select "Add new device". The app will then guide you through the installation pro-cess.

How can I integrate other MusicCast components?

Press the setting icon in the upper right corner of the MusicCast app and select "Add new device". Then follow the instructions in the MusicCast App.

Does the Yamaha MusicCast have to be permanently connected to the power supply?

Yes, the Yamaha MusicCast network speakers must be connected to the power supply so that you can use them. If you don't listen to music, the speakers switch to Eco mode. The Eco mode has a standby power consumption of less than 3 watts.

Does the MusicCast WX-010 also have analogue connections?

No, the WX-010 does not have an analog connection.

What is the mini USB port on the MusicCast WX-010 for?

The Mini-USB connection is intended for service purposes and updates only.

What is the LAN connector on the MusicCast WX-010 for?

The LAN port is for wired connection to a network. A LAN cable connection is al-ways preferable to WiFi if possible, e.g. if you have a heavily disturbed WiFi network.

Questions on the MusicCast App

Which operating systems are compatible with the MusicCast App?

The following operating systems are compatible: iOS 7.1 and higher, Android 4.1. and higher.

Can MusicCast also stream high-resolution audio formats above 48kHz?

All MusicCast components support WAV/AIFF/FLAC 192kHz, 24bit and Apple Lossless 96kHz.

What is the maximum number of devices I can control?

Currently 10 MusicCast components are supported. In addition, up to 4 additional zones can be activated via an integrated AV receiver.

However, it is possible to integrate up to 10 x 10 MusicCast components in the same network (if it is powerful enough).

Where can I find an overview of my devices?

In the room overview you have an overview of all your devices. You can also see where the music is being played. Using the "Link" -character in the upper left corner you can link different rooms and play the same music there.

Can I rename sources?

Yeah. Hold down the room icon in the MusicCast app where you want to rename the source for about 3 seconds. After approx. 3 seconds, a window called "Room settings" opens. Type into this window. This takes you to the configuration menu of the selected room. Now select "Edit source". The “Edit Sources menu” will then display all the sources you can edit. Then tap the symbol of the source you want to re-name. You can also change the icon of the source or hide sources.

Can I choose different sources for different rooms?

You can select the music source for each room individually, e.g. your smartphone, streaming services, Bluetooth, USB, Internet radio, etc.

Depending on which sources the MusicCast device has.

Can I connect rooms and play the same music in several rooms?

You can do this easily by touching the "Link" icon in the top left corner of the Music-Cast app or in the playback view. Then simply follow the instructions shown in the MusicCast app.

How can I separate the rooms again?

Tap the "Link"icon in the room again. The MusicCast App helps you and guides you through the process. Just follow the instructions that the app will show you.

How do I add titles to my favorites?

In the "Playback View" window you will find the icon (three dots). When you tap on it, a selection of different options opens. Now select "Add to Favorites" - this puts the song in your favorites.

How can I transfer the sound of YouTube or other apps from my smartphone to MusicCast?

Depending on your smartphone/tablet, you connect to the MusicCast device via AirPlay (for Apple) or Blue-tooth (for Android) and then start playing the app whose sound you want to hear on the MusicCast device.

Where can I adjust the sound?

You can change the sound settings of the selected device with the Sound Settings. In the "Playback View" window at the bottom, select the "Sound Settings" icon (three bars with dots). When you tap on it, the sound settings will open. Then you can change ups, downs and bass.


MusicCast does not work properly.

Please check that your Smart Device is connected to the correct network. If you still can't make any progress, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

Playback briefly interrupts when rooms are connected.

This effect can occur with a bad WLAN network.

Solution: Activate the following setting: "Stability Boost" under Settings >> Main Room >> Link Control. If this function is activated, you will get a bigger buffer and you can listen to your music without interruption.

I get an error message when I use an iOS device for the initial configuration.

If the WIFI connection is weak or unstable, there may be a time error in the initial configuration. In the WIFI settings, make sure you have selected the Network Mu-sicCast Setup. Please do not close the WIFI configuration menu of your iOS device until the iOS device has connected to the network and the reception quality is visi-ble in the upper left corner of the display.

I can't find the room (device) in the room image.

Please check if the device to be used is connected to the power supply.

Participation and project procedure

Can the selected project participants keep the Yamaha MusicCast WX-010 at the end of the project?

In this project with the Yamaha MusicCast YAS-306 and WX-010 loudspeakers, you decide after the end of the project:

A) Returning devices
You return the two Yamaha MusicCast speakers free of charge to trnd using the enclosed return documents (deadline by 13.12.2017). To avoid any costs, please keep the complete packaging for the return shipment.

B) Keeping devices
If you want to keep one or both network speakers, then you can purchase them at a discounted price of 119 Euro plus value added tax for the WX-010 and 220 Euro plus value added tax for the YAS-306. Just keep the device with you after the pro-ject. If you have not returned it by 13.12.2016, we will send your name and address to Yamaha and you will automatically receive an invoice (with full warranty).

Is there a guarantee?

The warranty is 24 months.