Time to spread the word online!

The Yamaha MusicCast speakers arrived to us a little over a week ago now, so we hope as you start to enjoy your favourite songs, movies and series at just a touch of a button, you’ve also started becoming real MusicCast experts as well!

Many trndsters have already shared their thoughts on blogs, review sites and also with their friends on Social Media using the hashtag #YamahaMusicCast!

#YamahaMusicCast - We are spreading the word on Social Media and online

Let's continue to spread our newly found knowledge and expertise online and share valuable info about the Yamaha MusicCast devices. After all, by sharing what we think, we’ll be helping others who might be interested in the product learn about it too.

Our online reports along with our insights and feedback in two online surveys will surely make our project a complete success!

@all: Have you started your reviews yet? Let us know what you thought!