Time for your first impressions

Starter kits have arrived, unboxing and setup is completed and the Yamaha MusicCast devices already fill our homes with our favourite tunes.

Time for our first impressions trndsters KellyyJ and TheOne, thanks for sharing your inspirational MusicCast selfies!

trndster danb26 reported to us immediately after a quick test during setup:

As a first reaction, on just trying the MusicCast WX-010 on Bluetooth, the sound was incredible! Also just tried the Soundbar for the first time, the bass and levels of every sound coming through were noticeably impressive.

It's time we let Andreas and his team over at Yamaha know of our initial thoughts.

Take the Yamaha Starter Survey

Our impressions will be collected until 03.01.2018 and the together with the results will be sent directly to the folks over at Yamaha - let's show them why we made the project team!

Already taken the survey? Fantastic! Do let us know where you've mentioned the Yamaha MusicCast devices across the web!

@all: Sound quality, design, the MusicCast app. - which feature do you like the most so far?