Our MusicCast highlights

We've come to the end of our project with the Yamaha MusicCast YAS-306 Soundbar and the WX-010 network speaker. After 3 weeks of wireless music blasting, we share our final thoughts on these exciting devices.

Andreas and his team over at Yamaha would like to thank you all for this experience! Thank you for participating in the Yamaha MusicCast project

Have you shared yout final thoughts yet? Make sure you don't miss this chance to send your opinions directly to Yamaha:

Click here to take the Final Survey

Read the instructions carefully, you need to decide and let us know whether you want to keep the Soundbar or send it back. We will be in touch via email for the next steps.

Thank you all again for helping make this project a success, we can't wait for your final thoughts.

@all: What is your personal favourite moment from our project with the Yamaha MusicCast devices?