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Our project with IAMS ProActive Health cat food

2,000 lucky felines will have the chance to product test free samples of IAMS Pro Active Health cat food & experience superior nutrition that tastes great.

Over the next few weeks cat owners will ask our moggies to try free samples of IAMS ProActive Health cat food. During the product test, we'll leave our honest reviews and opinions about our free samples online, sharing the secret of great tasting, superior nutrition with our feline-focused friends, and feeding back our thoughts to IAMS.

  • IAMS ProActive Health is designed with cats' needs in mind, providing nutritionally complete dry food that contains premium ingredients and natural animal protein.
  • 2,000 of our cats will get to try IAMS ProActive Health for free, while we feed our honest opinions straight back to the folks at IAMS and share cute pictures of our furry friend enjoying their new food!
  • We'll also be spreading the word to our fellow feline fans, by giving out IAMS kitty bags full of ProActive Health dry food and coupons!
  • IAMS knows our cats are carnivores and need protein containing taurine. That's why their number 1 ingredient is chicken and turkey. If you want superior nutrition for your healthy and active cat, apply now!

Important: You need to be a member of trnd to apply for this product test. Not yet on board? Take 90 seconds to join us now.**

As the weeks unfold we will:

  • Product test free samples of IAMS ProActive Health dry, along with 2,000 other lucky felines, and share our experiences on the blog.
  • Feed our felines using your free samples and then share our vital opinions back to the brand via online surveys.
  • Spread the IAMS word by giving our fellow cat owners "kitty bags" and coupons after the product test.
  • Leave our honest reviews and opinions of our free samples of IAMS ProActive Health across the web.
  • Share our favourite cat snaps of us loving the free samples on social media with the hashtag #thinkIAMS

What will we receive as team members, during the campaign:

want to try IAMS ProActive Health for free? Click here to apply!

  • A 800g bag of IAMS ProActive Health Chicken cat food
  • A project handbook

To share with other cat owners (friends, relatives, work colleagues):

  • Another 800g free sample bag of IAMS ProActive Health Chicken for adult cat, to share out with other cat owners
  • Some “kitty bags” to divide your IAMS ProActive Health cat food into
  • Research sheets to ask your friends and family & other cat owners about the product test
  • 10 x £2 off IAMS cat food coupons (Includes ProActive Health and Delights)

The application phase for this project has now closed! Do follow along with the project on the blog

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