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Want to try IAMS ProActive Health for free?

We have the purr-fect project for you!

IAMS ProActive health is designed with cats' needs in mind, providing nutirionally complete food that contains more animal protein so your moggy stays fuller for longer.

Our project with IAMS

We're looking for 2,000 trndsters (and their cats!) to take part in this fab new project.

Throughout the project our cats will try the nutritionally complete IAMS ProActive Health, while we share what we think about it directly with the folks over at IAMS! We'll also get plenty of the product to dish out to our fellow feline fans!

Click here to learn more!

Discover IAMS ProActive Health
Find loads of interesting info about our new project with IAMS, as well as interesting and creative ways to get spreading the word in our exclusive insider info booklet! Take a look now!

The application phase for this project has now closed! Do follow along with the project on the blog

@all: Does your feline friend fancy this fab project?


Thank you from IAMS!

Thanks so much for helping IAMS understand what real cat owners think of their food. Let's make sure this project finishes with a bang!

Thank you from IAMS

Our cats have been trying IAMS' food for a few weeks now, which makes us some of the most knowledgable people about proActive Health - the brand are all ears and want to know exactly what we think!

Take the Final Survey, now!

Thank you, again for showing just why it's important for brands to work with us! You can still upload your photos and "Spread the word" sheets for another two weeks, so head over to your mytrnd area to submit as many IAMS opinions and moments as possible!

And remember, we can get in touch with IAMS directly using #ThinkIAMS.

@all: Thank you so much! What was your favourite part of our IAMS project?


#ThinkIAMS for great taste, too!

As well as being nutritionally balanced, the folks over at IAMS have worked hard to try and bring your feline food that tastes great, too!

IAMS use premium ingredients

We want to provide all the nutrients that our cat needs, but IAMS know that as cat owners we always want to go the extra mile for our moggies, and treat them to great tasting meals too.

IAMS only use premium ingredients. In fact, all the meat they use in their food has been certified fit for human consumption and they take special care in handling and producing ProActive Health so it both smells and tastes great to (most!) cats.

Do your cat-owning friends and family think the same? Do let us know their honest thoughts by collecting in their "Spread the word" sheets!

Submit your collected "Spread the word" sheets, here!

@all: Is your cat enjoying IAMS' premium ingredients? Or do they prefer their previous food? Let us know!


Our Feline Photo Gallery is live!

We've had so many cute cat pics sent in of everyone's moggies enjoying IAMS, we thought we'd spread the joy and open the gallery page for us all to see!

Check out the gallery! Alfoxette's very photogenic cat posing for the purr-fect IAMS pic!

The folks over at IAMS have been overwhelmed seeing all your feedback and photos! Now the gallery is live we can all see how our cats have been getting on with ProActive Health.

Click here to see everyone's cats in the gallery!

IAMS ProActive Health has plenty of vitamins and minerals to keep your cats looking healthy and photogenic! Have you and your friends noticed this? Let us know their thoughts too by submitting their "Spread the word" sheets:

Submit your friends' "Spread the word" sheets, here!

@all: Is your cat feeling and looking their best on IAMS ProActive Health?


Spreading the word online

As well as letting our friends' know what we think of IAMS we also have a great opportunity to help even more cat owners make the right choice for their feline.

Leave your reviews! Dinmore's cat, Katniss, deciding what she thinks of IAMS ProActive Health!

IAMS would love your honest reviews on their site, here! Let's have a look at some of our team's opinions so far:

My cat loves IAMS, she enjoys the taste and is much more satisfied than when I was feeding her Go Cat or Whiskas dry food. I have noticed that her skin has improved and she looks so much more healthier.
- squeeze

Have been feeding my cat this for just over a week and she loves it!! I feel happy as i know it is doing her good as well as filling her tummy.
- AuntieMabel17

I have two cats who have always been very picky with food but having tried them on this iams they really love it and always finish their bowl. Will continue to buy this food for them in the future
- Jonesjay9

Click here to leave your review, too!

Do remember to let us know if you've left an IAMS review, mentioned the food in a facebook post, or shared a pic on Instagram, via our online report tool:

Click here to leave an online report

@all: Do your cats agree with the above reviews?

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