Meet the Toniebox

You might not be too familiar with the name tonies® yet but that’s all about to change. These amazing audio systems made a huge splash in Europe last year and are now set to do the same over here.

Meet the Toniebox

By taking part in this project, you get to be amongst an exclusive group of trdnsters that learn all about this unique, interactive listening system.

The What

Tonieboxes are colourful audio systems that offer hours of creativity and fun. They’re soft, robust and ever so simple to use. Choose a Tonie (a hand-painted figure) pop it on top of the Toniebox and wait for the story to play. It’s that simple.

The Why

The Toniebox inventors Patric Faßbender and Marcus Stahl, both dads themselves, realised that while grownups had phones and MP3 players to listen to audio content, there wasn’t anything suitable for children that didn’t involve lots of screen time. They sought to change that and the Toniebox is the result of their hard work.

The How

The Toniebox is super simple to use, in fact, you could say it’s child’s play. When you first set up your Toniebox, a set of friendly voice instructions will be on hand to help you connect to your Wifi. Then, all you need to do is pop your first Tonie on top. The information in the chip in the Tonie will automatically download onto the Toniebox (which has room for 500 stories) and from then on your kiddo simply has to switch it on (using the cute ears which also adjusts the volume) and pop their Tonie on top to listen.

The when and the where

Children can listen to and play with their Toniebox anytime. After the initial download (which uses Wifi), the stories are available to listen to anytime and anyplace, making long journeys a breeze.

@all: Do you think your child would love a Toniebox and why?