The highlights of our audio playtime with tonies®.

Three exciting and entertaining weeks with the Toniebox and the Tonies lie behind us. We had plenty of time to experience the new audio system with our children and to share our honest experience with friends and other interested parents on the Internet. Now it's our turn to thank everyone in the project team.

Thank you!

We learned a lot.

During the initial virtual "getting to know" phase at the beginning of our project, we first learned more about the special features of the Toniebox, as well as the rich selection of music and story Tonie characters.

We also learned more about the special Creative-Tonies, which allow us to record our own spoken words or music through a smartphone and easily transfer it to the character, even if it is located thousands of kilometers away. At the end we also got an insight into the history of the brand and the idea that gave birth to tonies®.

We've spread the word.

We did not only receive thousands of "Spread the word" sheets, we have also received many links to great contributions in which the project team explains to other interested parents on the Internet what they find most exciting about the Toniebox and the Tonies. In this way we will help others to find the right product for them and their child.

In addition, we have received photos of dozens of beaming children's eyes, which of course we don't want to withhold from you: The highlights of our audio playtime with tonies

We share our feedback.

All participating trndsters are now invited to take part in the final survey via their "Home" area and share their detailed feedback on the Toniebox and the Tonies with us and the developers of the Toniebox and thus contribute to possible improvements and further developments in the future.

Keep sharing tips and tricks with others.

Would you like to get in touch with other Toniebox owners after the end of our project and exchange tips and tricks? Then join the Toniebox fan group on Facebook, led and organized by other Toniebox fans.

To the Toniebox fan group on Facebook

@all: What great moment with the Toniebox and your little ones do you like to remember? Tell us about it!