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IAMS gives you MORE!

We want to know if you feel you and your dog are getting more from IAMS - let us know in a comment! Here's some ways you might be getting more from IAMS:

IAMS Teelzaa's Jazz, Andie5671's Archie and CatMit's Roxy all ready to get more from IAMS!

More protein
IAMS ProActive Health* contains 24% more protein than the top 2 leading brands** which means your dog won't need as much to feel full so your bag will go further!

More flavour
IAMS' number 1 ingredient is a blend of premium chicken and turkey (which is fit for human consumption, by the way!) so it tastes great and satisfies your dog's natural meat eating instincts. It looks like lots of dogs on the team agree!

More fun!
When your dog is eating properly you'll notice a difference in how they behave and play! With the right nutrients your dog will be even more enthusiastic for walkies and fetch!

*Adult Small & Medium Breed Rich in Chicken dry dog food compared with Bakers Complete Adult with Chicken & Country Vegetable and Harringtons Adult Rich in Turkey with Vegetables. **Top 2 leading brands sold in supermarkets based on IRi data for 52 weeks ending in 31 Dec 2016


Spreading the word online

As well as letting our friends know what we think of IAMS we also have a great opportunity to help even more dog owners make the right choice for their canine.

What does your pooch think?

IAMS would love you to write a review on their website, here. Let's take a look at some of the things we've been saying about ProActive Health!

Shaggy loves the food! It would cost me 68p per day to feed him, and he is less smelly with this food which is a big bonus!!!
- flutterbyuk

So far my whippet Ferdie is really pleased - he has a delicate stomach and also is a fussy eater who I have struggled to keep weight on - I have been using a premium brand and even then he doesn’t eat it all but with IAMS he is definitely eating more which is a relief for me.
- Clair44

My little Iggy is absolutely loving this IAMS food! After having a good read through all the literature i am confident that this food provides all the nourishment that she needs! I am currently giving her 100g per day, 50g in morning and 50g in the evening. I will definitely be buying IAMS in the future and looking forward to letting my pooch try other flavours
- hazers74

Click here, then click "Write a review" to leave your honest opinion

@all: do your pooches agree with the above opinions? What did you mention in your review?


How much does it cost to feed your dog IAMS ProActive Health?

IAMS uses premium ingredients and has more protein than the top two leading brands. Because of this your dog could need less food to get all the nutrients they need and it may end up costing less than you think!

IAMS ProActive Health Small Medium and Large: sallyjai's Luna, Llxdow's Jake and Kaitlyn96's Jimmy all ready to try IAMS!

Remember that filling your measuring cup to the top (100g) could cost less than 26p! This is if you buy a 12kg bag of IAMS ProActive Health for the RRP of £30.99.

Let's see how much it could cost us to feed our dogs IAMS ProActive Health

Check out the feeding guidelines for small and medium dogs, here or for large dogs, here (scroll down the page to find it!) and let us know in the comments how much it could cost to keep your canine happy and healthy - we wish we could eat this cheaply and healthily!

Also do make sure you've filled out your first impressions in our Initial Survey:

Take the Initial Survey, here!

@all: How big is your dog? How much could it cost to feed your pooch ProActive Health?


Paws for thought

First impressions matter and that's why IAMS wants to know what you and your dog think of ProActive Health!

IAMS Here's emiliesmummy's Lola and Jillyflynnuk's Gino forming their first impressions of IAMS ProActive Health!

Our Initial Survey is live! Here you can share your initial thoughts of the food directly with Kelly and the rest of the IAMS team!

Click here to take the Initial survey!

How's your canine getting on with their new food? Remember you can put a little bit of water in with the food to make it more palatable to picky pooches!

And don't forget that because IAMS ProActive Health* contains premium ingredients and 24% more protein than the top two leading brands** your dog may need less food than you think! Do check the feeding guidelines in the handbook!

@all: How's your dog enjoying ProActive Health so far?

* Adult Small & Medium Breed Rish in chicken dry dog food compared with Bakers Complete Adult with Chicken & Country Vegetable and Harringtons Adult Rich in Turkey with vegetables
**Top 2 leading brands sold in supermarkets based on IRi data for 52 weeks ending 31 Dec 2016


Release the hounds!

Our IAMS kits will be with us very soon! Here's one way to get the most out of our project and make sure our honest thoughts are heard by Kellie and the rest of the folks at IAMS.

IAMS ProActive Health Our IAMS CAT project was so successful that IAMS wanted to get dogs involved too! Here's an example of a great picture from EricM3rcury, and a great way of handing out samples from Kirstyetjohn! Let's make the Dog project even better!

Our project is all about sharing genuine opinions. In your kit are some small green "doggy" bags for you to divide your other bag of IAMS up into, and hand out to your pooch owning pals! Do take some snaps of your canine divvying up the food for their friends and send them to us here.

Make sure to include a coupon and also a "Spread the word" sheet when handing out your doggy bags! Get your friends to fill in their honest opinions once their dog has let them know what they think, and give the sheet back to you.

Then you can tell the folks over at IAMS exactly what they think, here:

Upload your "Spread the word" sheets, here

Later this week we'll have the chance to feed back our thoughts, but for now let's think about which of our friends will also get to try IAMS ProActive Health.

@all: which of your dogs' friends will you give your samples to?

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